Step 1. Starting an Order

You start the process by entering the following information...
1. full student name ( or staff name ) for the order
2. selecting one of the buttons for the homeroom, yearlevel or staff option.
3. selecting the date for the order.
then click the [ Next ] button.

Step 2. Selecting the Items and [ Add to Cart ]

You can now open the categories and change the quantities next each of the available items...
eg. here we have selected 1 x Chicken and Vegetable Pie

then we went down further and added 1 x Nippys 375ml Iced Milk - Strawberry
Please note : as you build your order you will see the full order at the bottom, when you have everything you need, you can then click the [ Add to Cart ] button.

Step 2. Viewing the Cart and [ Checkout ]

Your items are now in the Cart...
1. You can remove items by clicking the [ ] button
2. You can add more items by clicking the [ + more items to this order ]
3. You can [ + Add Note ] to clarify something in this order - for things like with sauce, no sauce, apple, banana etc
4. You can [ Add another order for another person ] if you have more than one child to place an order for

to add a note, simply type in the big box and the click [ + Add Note ] - once a note has been added, this button will change to [ Update Note ]

once you are satisfied with the order...
1. You MUST enter a valid email address for the receipt - the payment will not work without an email address!
2. then click on [ Checkout Now ]

Step 4. Checkout

To checkout...
1. enter your card number, expiry and CVC into the white box
2. click on the Pay button.
note : only press this button once, then wait for the screen to refresh with your confirmation.

Thats it, your order is now in.


If you have any questions regarding the Canteen Orders, please feel free to call and talk to Faye Kenna on 55 932011